Reduce Costs, Increase Revenues, Improve Profitability

EAS Integrator, Inc. is a product company that helps organizations grow, improve profitability and reduce costs by providing a Enterprise Governance Solution that ensures organizational change, enhances business performance, enables successful management assurance, and improves visibility of business risk related issues to Strategic Sponsored Business Change Programs. Our company provides Executives, Middle Management, PMO’s, CCC’s, COE’s, Project /Program Managers and Architects with the right solution that ensures alignment, convergence, and assurance across the enterprise.

Ambitious Quest

Reach as many new customers around the world with our solution and services not forgetting support from our strategic partners. Drive long term deep relationships into our existing customers enabling the C level executives, Enterprise Architects, COE’s, PMO’s, Business Unit Executives and Consumers so that they can improve profitability and reduce costs in their domain of accountability.

Deliver consistent, scalable, lean, ROI driven Enterprise Governance Solutions to all our customers regardless of complexity, geography and scale enabling the executive sponsors and stakeholders with the visibility, assurance, governance and collective intelligence on their key strategic initiatives of Enterprise Change and Business Performance Improvement being in strategic change projects or in business as usual.

Target Customers: Large Enterprise, Mid Market, Small Enterprise and Consumer markets in both mature plus emerging markets


EAS Group affiliate company